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D. Thomas Miniatures to Host Web Talk: How to Sell Your Adored Miniatures

Are you looking to sell your adored collection of miniatures? Join my free webinar on Saturday, February 24 at 10am ET when I will talk about all of your options if you are interested in selling your adored collection (Register below).

Perhaps you are downsizing your assortment or looking to make room for more miniatures (who knew little things take up so much space?!). Maybe you are helping a friend or family member find happy homes for their miniatures or looking to make sure that your collection is ushered into the right hands after you’ve moved on to a bigger and better mini world!

I'm excited to be sharing my knowledge of the options you have for guiding your collections to a protected and cherished home while answering as many of the questions you might have about best ways of handling your adored treasures.

While my seminar will take you through all of your options for selling your collection, you may decide to choose my services. Here is a bit more about me and my experience selling miniatures:

I’ve been a passionate about miniatures virtually my entire life. While I collect and craft miniatures as a hobby, I mostly promote and sell tiny treasures as a business. Over the years, I've developed a keen ability to connect collectors with buyers who share the same understanding of the love, dedication and hard work it takes to curate a personal collection of miniatures; I've learned how to join sellers with enthusiasts who share a common appreciation for the joy, respect and care that miniatures deserve. I’m often called a “Miniatures Empath” or the "Dollhouse Whisperer.”I'm excited to be sharing my knowledge of the options you have for guiding your collections to a protected and cherished home while answering as many of the questions you might have about best ways of handling your adored treasures.

Miniatures are so often misunderstood and dismissed as “toys” or mere “playthings” and sellers want to ensure that their estates are handled with the proper care and respect they deserve. Through the process of learning about the collectors and their collections, I find out about their specific passions, their favorite artists and where they made their discoveries. I ask questions and create an emotional connection while developing strong relationships with my clients, building trust and providing comfort in knowing that their collections will end in the right hands. Photo Above: Fall 2021 Buckalter Estate Sale)

A few years ago, I worked with the family of a miniature collector. I learned that the collector was born in Philadelphia, was the wife of a prominent businessman and that she spent over 50 years putting together her collection. I discovered that a portion of her collection was gifted and exhibited in an East Coast museum and that it appeared on the cover of a miniatures magazine.

It was terrific to meet with the granddaughter and great granddaughter to review the collection and talk about bringing it to market. They were excited to know that I would care for it as much for it as their grandmother did.

The balance of the collection consisted of, among other objects, miniature metal, pottery, flowers, and a pair of oversized, hand-crafted, antique hardwood secretaries. Through research, I found the original gallery in New York City which handled the sale of the piece and discovered that it was quite a rare object. When I began the auction, I connected with a buyer who had been looking for a similar piece for a long time and was thrilled when she discovered one had existed. She was overjoyed as the winning bidder!

More recently I connected with a woman who was handling the estate of her sister who had passed several years ago. Her sister was an avid collector with a passion for food miniatures and had commissioned and purchased an extensive assortment of fine scaled polymer clay bakery and confectionary pieces.

This included individual cakes and cookies as well as vignettes overflowing with scrumptious treasures created by artists like Mary Broaddus and Kim Saulter.

My client expressed how delighted she was that her sister’s collection would be treasured, cared for and loved as much as her sister loved them. I’m still working on finding new homes for this wonderful collection!

I do love the miniatures world but what I think I love most is how it can bring people together through a shared love of tiny objects and respect for the craft.

This is a reprint of my feature in the March 2021 issue of Dollshouse and Miniature Scene magazine.

I look forward to seeing you all at my upcoming seminar!

See you there!


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Thank you for being a part of the D. Thomas Miniatures community!

- Darren

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