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2024 Spring Miniature Flower Show Opens In Brooklyn!

D. Thomas Miniatures is excited to announce the opening of its 2024 Spring Miniature Flower Show: URBAN BLOOMS at Stems Brooklyn on Saturday, May 4, 2024, at 96 Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

Urban Blooms captures the energy, vibe, and excitement that small scale flowers bring to the fine art world and celebrates miniature artisans working in floral themes. The show was inspired by Bushwick, the Brooklyn neighborhood just outside Manhattan, that's teeming with creativity, art, and culture. This is the first time fine art miniature flowers will be showcased in a commercial forum for folks to enjoy! (Above: "Urban Bloom" by Ketty Pierro)

The show includes 24 works by 18 artists from 10 countries around the world and is housed in a custom-crafted miniature industrial-designed gallery built to complement the Stems Brooklyn environment, the perfect location for the show's theme and backdrop for these miniature marvels. Artist works represents countless hours of meticulous crafting – with floral arrangements totally more than 1000 individually crafted and applied buds, petals, leaves, and branches. The show includes works using an assortment of materials including polymer clay, air dry clay, cold porcelain, canvas, metal, acrylic and oil paint, and paper. (Above & Below: Bouquets by Yevheniia Kudriavtseva)

Darren Scala, owner of D. Thomas Miniatures, says, "I am beyond excited bring this show to my hometown of Brooklyn and present this groundbreaking showcase of fine art miniatures by some of the most talented miniaturists working in the world today!  Stems Brooklyn is the perfect backdrop to show miniature flowers with the urban blooms theme; I can't wait for folks to see these tiny magical treasures!"

Stems Brooklyn is a warehouse studio and retail space founded in 2013 by Suzanna Cameron located in Bushwick, Brooklyn’s industrial district best known for edgy street art and lined with repurposed warehouses, working artist studios and quirky clubs, bars, and restaurants. It recently added filmmaking to its growing list of attributes with the arrival of a new Netflix production studio (NBS), one of the largest on the East Coast.

Suzanna says, “My mission at Stems Brooklyn is to share flowers with our community through experiences like workshops, weddings and giving. Sharing flowers in the form of miniatures is a unique way for folks to experience flowers that expand beyond physical touch. What do we feel when we see flowers we can't touch or smell? I hope everyone comes to my shop to see these incredible artists from around the world showcase their art! (Above: Mini Mural by Louise Jones)

An opening celebration is scheduled for Saturday, May 4 from 4:00 to 6:00pm at Stems Brooklyn located at 96 Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Enthusiasts are invited to preview Urban Blooms, have a nibble and a sip, and meet the hosts!  Guests will also enjoy a miniature flower making demo. Kindly RSVP to if you're planning to attend. (Above by Olga Ivanova)

More information is forthcoming about the show including artist bios and statements along with an online gallery with more images of work featured in the show. Stay tuned for announcements about events to support the exhibition including a special "Meet the Miniaturist" livestream, a virtual tour of the exhibition and a special D. Thomas MiniVersity course about how miniature flowers are made! (Above: framed watercolor painting by Beth Picard)

Mr. Scala wants to thank all the participating artists for their awesome work and to extend a very special thank you to Suzanna Cameron for opening the doors of her beautiful shop and hosting the opening celebration and exhibition! (Above: “Urban Bloom” by Ketty Pierro)


The show runs through Saturday, June 15, 2024, at Stems Brooklyn (



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