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Dollhouse Shop Contents Head to Auction!

93 year old Greta Weinberger ran a dollhouse shop in Potomac, Maryland and in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia throughout the 80's and 90's. She traveled around the country extensively to assemble an assortment of tiny treasures to excite and delight her customers.

I'm excited to present pieces from her collection she didn't sell or couldn't part with. This sale is happening now and ends Sunday, October 30 at 7pm ET (some lot closing times are staggered to allow for last minute bidding wars).

This sale also includes pieces from private collectors including framed hand-painted portraits and landscapes, sculpture, furniture and toys in 1/12 scale.

This sale includes works by IGMA artisans, Vintage Bespaq and assorted quality commercial pieces including copper and kitchenware.

Sterling silver objects by IGMA Fellows Pete Acquisto of Obadiah Fisher.

Vintage toys and furniture pieces for c child's room.

Hand painted artisan and vintage Bespaq (BQ) porcelain.

Vintage Fantastic Merchandise (precursor to Bespaq company)

Vintage Bespaq furniture including rare mission style pieces

Furniture by Artisan Dennis Harvey including beds, desks and dining pieces.

Needlepoint rugs

Foods, Deserts and other plated pieces.

Fully dressed dreamy artisan beds

And surprise LOTS filled with tiny pieces for you MINIACS!

Have fun with this one!!


Until Next Time Thank you for being a part of the

D. Thomas Miniatures Community!


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