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NEW! BadAss Miniatures

BadAss Miniatures Juli Steel Twisted Copper Forest

37 artists are causing a little trouble by creating tiny art without boundaries. Defiant, quirky, and slightly uncomfortable. Welcome to the disobedient dollhouse. ​ (Photos: Juli Steel/Forgotten Home)

Our latest exhibition BadAss MiniaturesCausing a Little Trouble opens on Saturday, May 5th at our studio/gallery in Yonkers NY. The show is co-curated by Kate Ünver founder of The Daily Mini and runs through July 22.

BadAss Miniatures Pamela Goldman

BadAss Miniatures presents emerging perspectives in the miniature arts: an exhibition of original works in the miniature form contributed by artists from across the United States and abroad. Featured works represent a novel movement that challenges the status quo in the miniature art form through the presentation of unconventional ideas and concepts and the quirky, outlandish, surprising use of miniatures. “BadAss” aims to push the envelope on the traditional (rethink the dollhouse!) with an edgy and bold attitude showcasing the most jaw-dropping, surprising—maybe even shocking—miniature badassery to hit the 21st century.

BadAss Miniatures Amanda Kelly Panda Miniatures

BadAss was developed through the ongoing collaboration of Darren Scala and Kate Ünver, founder of dailymini, to push the boundaries of our traditional use of miniatures by spotlighting the edgy and bold attitudes of today’s artists. “Our goal is to showcase the most jaw-dropping, compelling and maybe even shocking, miniature badassery to hit the 21st century. These are not miniatures you would find in a child’s playhouse. This is about the disobedient dollhouse,” says Scala.

Evan Lorenzen

Together, Scala and Ünver invited artists of all levels of experience working in all media forms including miniatures through an open call process. More than 65 concepts were submitted from highly experienced artists, working artisans in miniature form and even some crafters from across the globe. Works selected span all art forms including sculpture, pottery, illustration, diorama, metal, paper, and a wide variety of other materials including human hair. “The selection process was exceptionally challenging. We received an outpouring of edgy concepts from a variety of artists, all enthusiastic to dabble in the bizarre. This exhibition is about leaving your comfort zone; not only for the viewer but also the artist,” said Ünver, who curates a premier digital space (dailymini) that showcases unique and extraordinary miniatures from around the globe.

Louise Krasniewicz

Works included in the collection span a variety of scales: traditional 1:12, 1:24, 1:48, and newer use of micro scales in 1:144 and 1:220. “Kate and I created this exhibit not only to shock and excite but also to spotlight newer artists working in miniature like the very talented Devin Smith, Maria Salehi, and Sonya Galaviz. We’re presenting their work alongside seasoned artists such as Michael Yurkovic, Juli Steel, and Jed Voltz, and are also offering newcomers to the miniature form like Corinne Tryon the opportunity to show their talents to the community and world,” said Scala.

Participating artists include: Chelsea Cates, Quinn Corbin, Kim Clough, Carolyn Nygren Curran, Jon Frier, Sonya Galaviz, Pamela Goldman, Faith Guynes, Amy Hahn, Lee Harper, Matt Herz, Kana Imai, Amanda Kelly, Louise Krasniewicz, Cassie Leigh, Evan Lorenzen, Ann Marie Matheus, Danielle McGurran, Kevin Melanson, Jill Orlov, Maria Ossandon Recart, Lydia Ricci, Meg Romero, Brooke Rothshank, Justin Rothshank, Maria Salehi, Lauren Carly Shaw, Devin Smith, Dylan Stanfield, Juli Steel, Tourmaline, Corinne Tryon, Susan Van Tubbergen, Jed Voltz, Damien James Webb, Leah Yao, and Michael Yurkovic.

BadAss Miniatures opened as part of the 15th Annual YoHo Open Studio and Yonkers Arts Weekend May 5-6 at YoHo Studios, 540-578 Nepperhan Avenue, Studio #566 in Yonkers, NY. Gallery hours are by appointment on Wednesday and Thursday 3-7pm and Saturday 11am-7pm. Hours are subject to change - visitors should call ahead.

Select works from BadAss Miniatures will be presented at The Guild Show on September 22 and 23 at the Windsor Marriott in Hartford CT and at other pop up locations to be determined (stay tuned!).

For more information about BadAss Miniatures, please contact Darren T. Scala at D. Thomas Miniatures or visit For the latest innovations and news in miniature art, please visit To learn more about YoHo Artists Open Studio and CMAD/Yonkers Arts weekend please visit and

BadAss Miniatures YoHo Artists Open Studio

Exhibition Director: Donald Morcone


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