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6 Miniature Surprises Discovered This Week....

As I scour the internet each week I am continuously surprised, delighted and awestruck by the amazing miniatures I find online. This is just 6 of those I discovered this week!

This awesome vintage inspired oil lamp by TS Trinh from @miniaturesintheory (now who didn't have one of these in their homes growing up in the 1970s?) . Extra credit for the faux greenery popping out of the base!

This working pull-out kitchen spray faucet nozzle by the mother/daughter team over at My Miniature Life @MyMiniatureLife_YT. The kitchen gadgets we live to obsess over are now available in miniature!

This 18K gold painted wine glass by Thai Miniature House @Thai_Miniature_House . Run, (don't walk!) over this Instagram account for images of the complete set and take a look at the video showing how theses glasses are blown by hand!

More mini glass! Take a look at this Chihuly-inspired chandelier by Beth Carl Picard from @bethacarlpicard who is currently building a dollhouse from scratch with details on her website:

Excited to see real working miniaturists creating work for commercial media projects! These tiny treats were by created Erika Anne Pitera from @PetiteProvisionCo and were featured on very last contest during S1E2 of Small Fortune, NBS's new competitive game show featuring contests using miniatures!

This little BIG Wheel by Nashville art director and prop fabricator Devin Drake from @devinsdrake.

I hope to make this regular feature so if you like what you see, let me know! In the meantime, sign up here so you never miss an update.


Until Next Time: #LiveYourBestMiniLife


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