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Meet the Miniaturists Headed to the BIG Little Show!

I'm excited to be hosting a special Meet the Miniaturist LIVESTREAM open studio event on Sunday, April 16 at 4pm ET when I'll be joined by several artists who will be presenting their work at the upcoming Tom Bishop International Show in Chicago, IL later this month.

The Tom Bishop Show is one of the largest and longest running miniature shows in the United States and features work by many of the best miniaturists on the planet!

We'll be "dropping in" on several artists showcasing in Chicago, visit their working studios and get a glimpse of some of the tiny treasures they're working on to sell at the BIG mini show! The chat box will be open for questions throughout.

Artist scheduled to appear on the livestream (not necessarily in order of appearance) include Chris Toledo, June Clinkscales, Natalie Condrac, Carol Kubrican, and Margie Criner. More about each artist and links to their social media and websites below.

Chris Toledo | Toledo Miniatures

Chris Toledo (IG:@ibuildsmallsthings) is best known for his awesome period structures in small scale include Tudor, Mediterranean and Classical Styles of architecture. His work and attention to detail is unmatched and he is sought after for commissions and roombox creations and has been featured in main stream press including The Los Angeles Times, Architectural Digest and Elle Decor. Chris will unveil his art deco style roombox at the upcoming show and will share some of his work at the upcoming open house event.

June Clinkscales | Miniatures by June

June Clinkscales (IG: @MizMinis') creates work which can be seen adorning some of the finest miniature collections in the world. Her whimsical, super-dreamy furniture pieces include elaborately draped beds, hand-painted dressers and ornate upholstered chairs take viewer's breath away. June was also a judge on the competition reality-based television show The Biggest Little Christmas Showdown on HGTV in 2020. June's table is always flooded with gawkers and collectors with pieces that need to be seen!

(Above: A swoon-worthy collaboration between Chris Toledo and June Clinkscales in 2020)

Natalie Condrac | The Old Crooked House

Natalie Condrac's (IG: @condrac) art includes collage, roomboxes and detailed sculptures in small scale, often with dark themes as can be seen in her abandoned dollhouse (below). Her work also includes beat up vintage billboards, long-been-forgotten restaurant signage and neglected roadside gas pumps. This will be the first time Natalie will be presenting in Chicago at the Tom Bishop Show.

Carol Kubrican | True2Scale Miniatures

Carol Kubrican from True2Scale Miniatures is an artist and self-proclaimed "mini enabler" from Northern California who designs and creates DIY kits in smaller scales (1:48, 1:24 and 1:144). Her kits allow makers to craft their very own miniature masterpieces made from inspiring designs for "pulse-quickening" results.

Carol's super tiny espresso machine on a super tiny coffee bar (above) is part of her 1/48 scale "Buzz Box Coffeehouse" kit which will debut in Chicago. This kit will also be part of a workshop she plans to teach at the show!

Margie Criner | IttyBittyMiniMart

Margie Criner from her Chicago-based company IttyBittyMiniMart excites the crowds and miniature enthusiasts with her vintage-inspired small scale electronic appliances including televisions sets (with rabbit ears!), reel to reel tape machines (including carrying cases) and high-fidelity (the kids called it "hi-fi") stereo sets filled with inch-sized vinyl records. Margie has work currently on exhibition at the Small is Beautiful Art exhibition in New York City.

Above: Margie Criner for IttyBittyMiniMart

Miss the live? This livestream will replay on my YouTube Channel - Link here to all my social media and to sign up for my updates here .


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