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Miniature Worlds Exhibition Curators Appear on Meet the Miniaturist

Thrilled to have hosted a very special Meet the Miniaturist direct from the Miniature Worlds Exhibition at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery located in the City of Launceston in Northern Tasmania.

Miniature Worlds is the first exhibition in a series which explores the miniature art movement that has captured the imagination of generations and features local, national and international artists who present an intricate and tiny look at our world made smaller using diorama and scale structure.

We were joined by the show's co-curators artist Joshua Smith and Ashley Bird from QV MAG who talked about their inspiration for the exhibit, took us on a virtual walk-through of the gallery and shared a close up view of some of the works featured in the show. We also gained insights about why miniatures are having their moment right now and why this show expresses that view!

This show includes work by Joshua Smith, Luis Ramirez, David Hourigan, MyLyn Nguyen, among others and showcases various medium including diorama and structure.

A BIG thank you to Mr. Bird and Mr. Smith for appearing...this was super!

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