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MiniNews & Views: Spring Edition!

L.A. based artist, actress and self-described "Martha Stewart heart on a thrift store budget" Brooklelynn Darwin is working on restoring a Victorian dollhouse she received from her mother as a child. She just started painting the exterior and realizes this may take some time to complete. Follow the journey of her dollhouse refurb on her Instagram account at @blynndarwin.


Meet the Miniaturist: Steve Putnam

Steve Putnam Designs

Sunday, April 4 at 4pm ET

I'm excited for our next Meet the Miniaturist featuring Steve Putnam, a multi-disciplined artist from the UK who has had a passion for miniatures since childhood inspired by his grandfather, who was a model maker.

Steve studied fine art and has broad experience in set design, high-end retail display and (award winning!) landscape architecture. It's his miniatures, however, that deserve a prize!

We'll chat with Steve and learn more about his passion for the tiny, get a tour of the uber-fabulous Dutch cabinet house he created and see some of the fine artisan miniatures he has collected to fill the structure.



Meet the Miniaturist: The Winners Edition

HBS/ Creatin' Contest

We had a terrific Meet the Miniaturist: The Winners Edition! featuring winners of the HBS 27th Annual Creatin' Contest! In case you missed it, the replay has been posted here:

Since 1975, HBS/ has been supplying quality dollhouse products to retailers and miniatures enthusiasts across the United States and around the world. The annual Creatin' Contest , started just a few years after the company was formed, has since engaged, motivated and inspired miniaturists to use a simple unfinished kit and a lively imagination to create award-winning tiny treasures!

A BIG thank you to HBS/ for sponsoring the event and to the winners who were gracious with their time, sharing their talents and advice including Grand Prize Winner Rebecca Reckin from Melody of Miniatures, First Time Winner Meghan Boos (IG: dollhouse_smithery) and @Gina Zetts (IG: letties_dollhouse) who received Honorable Mention.

To celebrate the event, HBS/ is offering Meet the Miniaturist viewers with a special offer! Use promo code MTM40 and receive 40% off your highest priced item on any one order placed between Sunday, March 28, 2021 at 12:00am ET and Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 11:59pm ET.


The Dollshouse Whisperer

March 2021 Feature

Dollshouse & Miniature Scene Magazine

My latest feature in Dollshouse and Miniatures Scene magazine talks about "The Dollhouse Whisper" and my abilities as a "miniatures empath" and how I guide, manage and calm collectors and their families once the important decision has been made to sell a treasured collection and to ensure that prized assortments of miniatures find a “happy new homes...”


Happy Easter!

Until Next time - Live your BEST Mini Life!


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