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Support for Ukraine from MiniWorld Continues...

Support 🇺🇦 for #Ukraine 🇺🇦 from the #MiniWorld 🌍 continues and here are some of the wonderful mini 🖼 creations inspired by the #minisforfreedom campaign started by Satu from Suomen Minimaailma.

1. “No War” crate by Jorg Schmidt

2. “The Man” mini book Mary Davos Sullivan

3. Living room assemblage by Wrenn https:/// with mini art VPoda

4. Queen Shiba with Ukraine flag Jackie Joubert/

5. Hidden sunflower by SAM /

6. Sunset minis Satu /

7. Still life Satu

8. Kitchen assortment by Mokimini

9. Crocheted afghan Piku Miniatures

10. Mini shoes by Cyndi Stamps

You can support miniature artists in Ukraine 🇺🇦 by purchasing digital art from their ETSY sites:

or make a donation to The American Red Cross or Red Cross Ukraine .



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