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Tiny Doors Appear Along Park Trail Near New York City

Tiny doors have magically appeared along a wooded walking path near the historic Hudson River in the quaint town of Dobbs Ferry, New York just miles from New York City. The small scale structures can be seen on the Old Croton Aqueduct, which was built in the 1850s to bring water down to New York City and is largely responsible for expanding commerce and growing the city to what it is today.


The first tiny door structure to greet you is a park ranger's office located at the base of the town's bulletin board with it's own mini community notice board and box of take away maps and a QR Code (for the technically abled) to help navigate the search for more tiny doors! This piece can be found right off Cedar Street at the corner of Main and includes an inch sized welcome mat. A QR code is also available for the technically-abled.


A tiny stone pillar greets the viewer at the next tiny door stop along the path. This piece replicates the full size version it stands against which helped air flow and circulation along the water caves making up the aqueduct. The tiny version has a wood door with brass hinges and pull begging the question "who lives behind it" - there are also a number of graffiti markings which mimic the full stone variant which adds a bit of artistic charm, depending on who you might ask.


Next up is the smallest little free library ever seen, this one with a stained cedar roof and opening doors revealing a number of banned books in miniature including "Woke Baby", "Diary of Anne Frank", "This Book is Gay" and others.


If you tilt your head up you will find a tiny door hanging on wire between two trees. The two-sided hobbit house includes a interior living room complete with an area rug, paneled walls, gold framed bird portraits and a dining table set on one side and a grass patch with stone path and hanging lantern on the other leading to the door on the other. The door is designed on both sides each dotted with a brass knob. This tiny door acts a bird feeder to attract


The final piece along the journey can be found nestled on a stump near the iconic Armour Stiner Octagon House and features a super small Kaleidoscope Door. This interactive piece is an ode to the beautiful Victorian greenhouse located on the Octagon House property. Peer through the eyepiece to see revolving reflections of Maple seeds, lavender, and Dogwood.

THE GREAT BIG TINY DOOR CHALLEGE: Find all (6) and post to social media with the hashtag #TinyDoorsOfDobbsFerry and enter a random drawing to be held at the end of June to win a super cute assortment of tiny bird houses!

What a great fun springtime activity!


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