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Introducing D. Thomas Fine Miniatures!


Hastings-On-Hudson, NY – November 17, 2014 - The Metro New York City area extends a BIG welcome into the miniature world with the opening of D. Thomas Fine Miniatures on Thursday, November 20, 2014. Located in the village of Hastings-on-Hudson, in the heart of the historic Lower Hudson Valley, this delightful shop is brimming with the charm, wonder and excitement of fine scale miniatures and designed to excite and inspire visitors of all ages.

D. Thomas Fine Miniatures is a retail destination featuring artisan dollhouses and top quality collectibles including 1/12th scale furniture and accessories. D. Thomas Fine Miniatures will also offer DIY/workshops and classes taught by master artists and craftsmen in the field. The concept, designed to appeal to collectors, crafters and enthusiasts at all skill levels and abilities, was created, in part, to raise awareness of miniatures as a decorative art form and to introduce the discipline not only to a new generation but to those who may just be discovering it. The shop also features a gallery space showcasing works in miniature by well-known artisans from all over the world.

D. Thomas Fine Miniatures was created by Darren Thomas Scala, a Brooklyn-born artist and brand marketer in the corporate beauty and cosmetics categories. Scala says, “I’ve always had a passion for miniatures. It’s been my dream to create a space where I could introduce miniatures to the public and generate the same level of excitement I have for these pieces.

Born to Italian-American parents, Scala was inspired at an early age to dream, build and create. In fact, at 8 years old his traditional Italian father, a cabinetmaker by trade, built him his very first dollhouse solidifying and encouraging his life-long interest in all things small. While studying at Emerson College in Boston MA, he further honed in on his creative abilities and earned a degree in the communication arts and sciences.

“Miniatures have thrilled for centuries,” Mr. Scala, explains, “the pharaohs in Egypt were buried with replicas of full size items and structures they had owned.” He goes on to say, “In the post-renaissance era, the Dutch popularized miniatures by building ‘cabinet houses’ filled with tiny treasures designed to impress as well as delight family members and guests.” Today, some people dedicate entire rooms in their homes and fill them with miniature marvels from commercial offerings to intricately detailed works of fine art.”

“There is seduction in scale that transcends time,” Darren explains. “Miniatures truly capture the imagination and provide opportunity to dream, discover and explore. I’m excited to be able to share this world in new ways and to be part of the Hastings-On-Hudson business community.”

A fully integrated ecommerce website, to reach a broad audience and to expose new consumers and enthusiasts, will launch Spring 2015.

D. Thomas Fine Miniatures is retail shop located at 579 Warburton Avenue #6, Hasting-On-Hudson New York 10706 in the Movie House Mews – a converted theater built in 1920 and restored as a commercial destination.

Hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday 10am-5pm. Sundays 12-5pm. Evenings by Appointment. (closed on Mondays).


For Further Information:

Contact: Darren T. Scala/Owner

D. Thomas Fine Miniatures LLC Email:

Main: 914-231-9871


Facebook/Pinterest: D.Thomas Fine Miniatures

Twitter: @DThomasMinis

Instagram: DThomasMinis

LinkedIn: Darren T. Scala

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