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Selling Your Adored Miniatures Collection

Perhaps you are downsizing your collection of miniatures or looking to make room for more miniatures (who knew little things take up so much space?!); Perhaps you have concerns that your collection will be ushered into the right hands after you’ve moved on to a bigger and better mini world beyond. Let's connect and chat about your options for finding happy homes for your tiny treasures and the services I provide which will ease your mind and ease your heart at the same time while transition your collection to happy new homes.

I'm a passionate miniaturist with a deep love for this hobby, this craft, this art form. I've been involved in this discipline for as long as I can dad built me my first dollhouse when I was just 8 years old. This was not something a young boy growing up in Brooklyn asked his staunchly conservative father back in the 1970s to do...but I just had to have one (you know the feeling) and I have the same energy and passion for "the tiny" I had back then.

While I collect and craft miniatures as a hobby, I mostly promote and sell tiny treasures through D. Thomas Fine Miniatures, the company I founded in 2014. Over the years I've developed a keen ability to connect collectors with buyers who share the same understanding of the love, dedication and hard work it takes to curate a personal collection of miniatures. I also have an extensive background in marketing, having served for over two decades as a brand executive for the Revlon corp., and use that experience to raise awareness of miniatures as the art form it deserves. I'd be happy to talk about your options when making the important decision to sell or transition your collection to a new place.

In addition to mu marketing and selling services, the greatest value I provide if you decide to work with me is that I am able to best able to join sellers with enthusiasts who share a common appreciation for the joy, respect and care that miniatures deserve. I’m often called a “Miniatures Empath” or a "Dollhouse Whisperer” as was talked about in my feature in the March 2021 issue of Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine.

Recently I hosted a free webinar to inform and educate collectors about their options for selling a collection or donating to a worthy organization. Participants learned how to best protect their assortments so they are as cherished in their new homes . I also answered questions about ways of handling adored miniatures.

This seminar may be repeated so sign up at so you never miss an update with upcoming events featuring this and other topics.


Until Next Time: #LiveYourBestMiniLife


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